Introduction of the Research Institute

   Adhering to the innovative spirit of "Do professional workwith erudite thinking, hold great kindness and ambition in heart”, theinstitute is guided by TCM theory, focus on the field of advantages of TCM anduses the frontier and advanced technology to develop the internationallyadvanced and clinically recognized innovative TCM, so as to promote thestandardization, modernization and internationalization of TCM...

Talent Team

More than 300 scientific research personnel,
among which over 60% have doctor’s or master's degree
Experts returning from overseas 2  persons
Provincial 333 High-level Talents Training Project 7  persons
Talents received special government subsidy ofthe State Council 5  persons
Provincial outstanding contribution young andmiddle-aged experts 1  person
Provincial innovative and entrepreneurial talents 1  person

Development process of R&D Center

Establishment of

the Institute of

Chinese Medicine


Establishment of Lianyungang Engineering Technology Research Center for Novel TCM and Preparation

Establishment of the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation

Establishment of the

Jiangsu Engineering

Technology Research

Center for Quality

Control of Chinese Medicine


Establishment of Kanion R & D Center of

Innovation Traditional

Chinese Medicine

·  Establishment of the National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center

  ·   Establishment of the Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center

for Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical


·  Establishment of Jiangsu Kanion Modern TCM Research Institute

·  Establishment of the State Key Laboratory of New Tech for Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Process

·  Establishment of Jiangsu Enterprise Academician Workstation


Establishment of National Local Joint Engineering Center for Intelligent Manufacturing of Chinese Patent Medicines