Kanion School of Management


   The Kanion School of Management designs a stepped training system for the entire company.It matches the curriculum map for each employee to provide external training,expansion, consultation, and conference services while meeting the needs of internal training, and conducts long-term cooperation with more than 20 institutions of higher learning across the country. And set up Kanion classes, We have innovated and designed training programs that send courses to market haracteristics, established a training network that can cover the national market, greatly improve training efficiency, and save training funds.

   Kanion School of Management is committed to building a professional, senior representative and heroic team for the martial arts team members to win the vast market; In order to guide employees to love the company such as home, love the job and achieve performance to provide ideological services, spiritual support Hedongli source; To improve cadres at all levels of thinking level, professional literacy and leadership ability to set up a rapid progress channel; For the promotion of fine Chinese medicine, the spirit of science and innovation, humanistic ideas to provide a learning and exchange platform. The first-line martial arts personnel are trained into a special warfare and heroic team that is resourceful, heroic, difficult to break, and dare to win a victory.

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