Talent Concept
Constantly increasing business of the company creates an opportunity for high-performance employees to realize vocational development. Here, we will provide challenging jobs, explore the employee’s potential and provide a broad platform for each employee to develop comprehensively and display talent.
Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a rapidly developed and steadily growing company. We know that the success of an enterprise depends on the success of employees. Hence, the company emphasizes on the harmony and unity of human resources and enterprise culture and pursues perfect consistency among personal value, company value and social value.

We are looking for enterprising people who believe in their career and work and strive for performance excellence in own work. We provide various jobs, including management and technology fields, which are suitable for this year’s graduates and experienced professional talents.

We hope you to choose
Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and play
an important role during
constant growing and development of the company.
Career Development

Are you looking for career development opportunities?

We are seeking for competent employees with goals who are able to make contributions and achieve success with the company together. 
The company will assist the development of employees through flexible employment mechanism and dual-channel career planning. Employees can design feasible career development roads for themselves according to own characteristics and company needs, gradually realize their own development goals step by step and finally achieve success by constantly improving their own work abilities.

Kanion School of Management
  The Kanion School of Management designs a stepped training system for the entire company. It matches the curriculum map for each employee to provide external training, expansion, consultation, and conference services while meeting the needs ofinternal training, and conducts long-term cooperation with more than 20 institutions of higher learning across the country.